Protection of workers of the live entertainment: a mapping

The live show, whose backbone is the gathering – of sharing and presence we would have talked about until a few months ago – has been put on hold by the pandemic storm that has hit every part of the world. Deprived of their workplaces, whether they are deputies or not, workers in the performing arts are experiencing an unprecedented crisis that has economic repercussions on the entire cultural sector, dismembered, distorted, quarantined. Alongside pre-existing organizations, such as trade unions, coordinations and federations, which have been working for some time to ensure the protection of workersand of workers, spontaneous groupings, trade associations, petitions and working groups have flourished that tirelessly formulate proposals and require the implementation of rights belonging to a professionally unprotected profession.

There is no smartworking that holds: without entertainment there is no work, without work there is no sustenance. The large number of aggregative forms that have arisen in this suspended time is a sign of an urgency, of a shared need: state support and new legislation that protects workers. The goal pursued is common to all, but the fragmentation that has emerged in recent months could represent yet another obstacle.

In order to create a compass that is an orientation for show business workers, we propose a continuously updated partial mapping. The definition of a network that unites the requests by allocating greater forces to the shared cause, could amplify the tuning fork of a voice that becomes a chorus and which, reinvigorated, would help to translate the mayday launched by the artistic sector into decisive actions.

To the email theatron2.0 @, reports and suggestions can be sent to update this partial mapping which groups, in alphabetical order, trade union and category associations, Federations, Coordinations, Facebook groups and pages, Telegram chats, virtual tables, engaged in protection actions for workers of the live entertainment.

Trade and trade associations, Federations, Projects
AGI Spettacolo – Trade union organization of a programmatic, unitary, secular, democratic, multi-ethnic nature, of women and men, which promotes free association and solidarity and collective self-protection of workers. Membership of the AGI Spettacolo is voluntary.

AGIS – Italian General Association of Entertainment- It brings together trade associations, federations and foundations and is present on the national territory with regional and interregional Unions. AGIS represents entrepreneurs in the fields of cinema and activities, public and private, of prose, music, dance, popular entertainment, such as the circus, the traveling show and contemporary popular music. The AGIS constitutes for the various sectors of the show the instrument of dialogue with all national and local institutions, and of coordination and promotion of the needs of the individual categories. In particular, at the national and territorial level, the AGIS performs the dual function of representative body of the interests of the entertainment world and of trade union organization that offers its associates services of a technical, administrative,